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What is Forbidden (Haram)?

You will hear the term forbiddenharam” or “muharamat” used often by many Muslims. Forbidden (haram) is any sinful act that Allah has prohibited us from doing or being involved with. There are small sinful acts like being rude to someone and there are big sins like consumption of interest (riba). I will be concentrating on the major sins that would affect/change your life and the lives of people around you. What is forbidden in Islam is not designed by sheikhs (scholars/priests), but it is what Allah has revealed to us in the Quran and Sunnah (prophet’s traditions, sayings/teachings). Whether you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim, know that every forbidden mentioned on this page is the devil’s work to destroy humanity so do not take part in it (or begin the process of removing it) before you die and it’s too late to get a second chance.

Why Does Evil Exist?

Many non-believers of God would ask: if God knows that these things are harmful to us, then why did He put them into existence to begin with? I am not an Islamic/religious scholar but I would like to share my personal view/understanding of Islam on what might be an answer:
1) Allah (God) did not create anything carelessly; there is a reason for everything you see in this life, but as humans with limited intellectual abilities we don’t know everything and we will never discover all of the answers unless Allah reveals this knowledge to us.
2) The human being is a creation that has the freedom of choice. Evil exists due to our own choices/actions, which is influenced by Satan. Allah’s laws are here to protect us from Satan’s ways and deception.
3) Life is a test from God; everything in it will be in use as a tool to test us and see which path we take. “Do you expect to enter paradise without being tested like those before you? They were tested with hardship and adversity, and were shaken up, until the messenger and those who believed with him said, “Where is God’s victory?” God’s victory is near” (Chapter Al-Baqara, verse 214).

It is impossible to believe that this is it! This is the only life I am living and I am here for nothing. I can create my own rules and do what I please then die purposeless. And what about the millions of humans who are insane, blind, deaf, hungry, poor, etc. Is it fair that this would be their life and then they just die without any enjoyment due to their disabilities or hardships? There is a goal that would keep these people strong and motivate them to face the obstacles in this life. Paradise (jannah) is that goal we seek, but earning an eternal perfect life in jannah has a price. The price would be this dunya (life) and either you pass or fail. Using common sense, to succeed or pass in anything you must put that extra effort, and to fail you put in barely any effort or you do absolutely nothing. Staying away from what Allah has forbidden is what is going to decide your grade in the akhira (hereafter) even if you do your main 5 pillars. Islam is not about learning one thing and hibernating at that point; it is about learning something new every day and improving your self bit by bit until you reach that status, which will benefit you in this life and on the day of resurrection.

Major Forbiddens (Haram) in Islam:

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